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We recruit professionals

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Power Generation / Oil & Gas


Overseas Recruitment Solutions

Globetek Ltd is also present in Poland. Poland is a valuable source of skilled trades. Globetek Ltd can offer this recruitment service to its clients as a solution to peaks of need within the year.
Total transparency and full client participation is needed to make any solution of this nature work.
All recruitment from Poland is carried out as a project as it is always numbers exceeding 10 to make any solution of this nature, commercially viable, cost effective and worthwhile. Globetek Ltd cannot only source skilled trades but also the supervision and would normally suggest that a 4:1 English speaker is within the group recruited.
An account manager from the UK and Poland are assigned to the client to ensure that all requirements are met .Globetek Ltd have carried out this exercise many times with many clients. Typically it works by:

  • The requirement is gained from the client
  • The requirement is relayed to the Globetek Polish operation
  • Recruitment is undertook in Poland based on the need
  • An assessment centre or recruitment day(s) is arranged
  • A representative from our client arrives in Poland to witness any testing if required or to attend interview sessions
  • Short lists are compiled with the client and Globetek
  • Globetek Ltd arranges all travel, transfers and accommodation
  • A dedicated Polish/English speaking account manager is assigned to the lifecycle of the project.
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